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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 24, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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. and again at 7:00 our news story this morning is the unexpected vote by the am united kingdom to remove its from the union and stocks around the world have plunged as a result. you're looking at a live shot here of the big board. the dow here in the u.s. with trading we're about half an hour into it and we're off 400 points, 2.25%. >> a big tumble this friday morning on the stocks. but at least the dollar is up. so. >> that's right. >> that's some good news for us. we want to bring into the discussion as we did in the last hour, financial expert rob black, our very own prognosticator into all things financial. help us digest what we're seeing and waking up to this morning. >> stay calm. >> stay calm. >> yes, rob? >> yes. take a look at some companies like at&t. today is the day, let me put this in perspective. this bites it's already happened
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and we've seen it before. we've seen dot-com stocks blow up. we've seen kneel. we've seen a 2008 financial crisis. we're down 12 points for the week on s&p 500. so we had a great week up until today. can it get worse? yes. risk assets, everyone is running to them. so they're pushing yields lower. so you need a mortgage in the next year or two years, this is really good news. if you need to rehire today you might have some questions on your mind. brexit is going to create an ugly day. currency around the world are getting devalued except the dollar. which is a safe haven. european stocks ultimately could fall 15% to 20% because they will likely run into a recession. the same people who voted for the brexit are people who are laborers. they're going to find some of them are out of the a job and if this vote were to take place
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again, they probably would vote to stay versus to leave. that's the thought out there. but like gold is going higher. it's a crazy, crazy day. i say sit back and enjoy but that's being insensitive. >> yeah. yeah. because, rob you can say it's a long-term thing. it's only on paper. it is real to people who are taking out people, retired. >> exactly right. and rob, for those of us joining us this hour for the first time, you talked last time about what the effect would be -- or might be on people's 401(k), the retirement funds. again, talk more about that. >> yeah, i think you'll see the united states probably somewhere 3% to 4% today. for the week, it's a push. we had a really good week. that gives you some perspective this isn't disastrous. this a bad but not a horrific day. what will happen in the coming days and weeks is we'll start assessing the situation a little bit more. for instance, if you're a company like caterpillar and
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boeing who sells big-ticket items. a lot of loans aren't going to get done because people are trying to figure out what we can do and can't do with low-cost money and with credit viability. you'll probably see the u.k. lose their credit rating for instance. i think you'll see a flight safety in the united states. so companies like facebook, do they have any exposure to the europe i don't know? none. how about at&t? none. costco. you need to start thinking like that. and companies athat have dividends yields, they've been working for the last five years, they'll probably work for the next 2 or 3 years, because cost of money is going to go lower. you won't get a good money in a ten-year treasury. you won't get good money anywhere except for high-yielding dividends. >> i'm going to reach for my wallet. speaking of money, i have a buck here. the good news, let's talk about traveling. it's a good time to travel. >> yeah, it's summertime and for those who have summer plans, just got very, very happy if
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you're going to france or you're going to germany. so the stronger dollar is good for the u.s. consumer as we travel. it's not so good for companies like afternoon el who make products that sell, you know, in dollar denominated. it just made, you know, apple shares for instance to buy an apple phone in the u.k. it's about 10% more today. there's winners and loser. >> right. >> there's no right answers in economics. >> it's interesting when you put it in those terms. the same phone you could have bought yesterday is now 10% more as you wake up this morning in england. >> if they -- right if -- again, if we're buying stuff here, is if we're traveling there, it's good news for us. but it's the investment angle that rob is focusing on. >> yeah, and one quick question. just to dovetail on the investing angle. you may have some people who manage their own funds, maybe is the now the time to jump on gold because we just saw it rise here in the overnight hours as a safer bet. what's your advise on that? >> gold can't be dee valued so
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there is some value there. over the longer term, i don't really like gold. but if you're really worried in the next month to three months that things are going to be get hairy. we're only down 2% in the dow. if we get going down 10%, which is normal. it's a correction. if we go down 20%, which it happens, yeah, you probably want gold in your portfolio. but don't overdo it. deposit with a cold company, not bars or coins. >> thanks a lot, rob. we'll continue to look at this some breaking news and talk to rob throughout the morning here on the kron4 morning news. everybody reacting to this surprise vote. leaders around the world weighing in as is the president of the united states as well. obama waking up this morning in the bay area, by the way. he's in town talking about globalism and entrepreneurism and all the things that this vote seems to go against. so we're going to get more of his reaction. but he has already come out this morning to say what you seen on your screen here, the people of
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the united kingdom has spoken. we respect their decision. it is enduring the united kingdom's -- vital concern economic policy. again, like you said he's here in the bay area. he's going to be talking in stanford. we will be following more on that to come. as we wrap up at least this portion of our coverage of this story, let me show you again, quickly what we're seeing for the dow as we take a look at the markets, the dow off again roughly about 450 points or so. about two -- there it is. 376 the current number. down about 2%. >> we're also tracking weather and traffic on this very busy friday morning. robin is on the traffic. how is it going so far? >> not so far for the dunbar bridge. the traffic lights are out at the end of the bridge coming off that bay front. it's causing a nasty back up for people trying to get across the bay. this is already caused an accident this is bay front expressway right at university avenue. the lights are out. treated it as a four-way stop.
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the accident still blocking, several vehicles are involved. look at that long line of heavy traffic now crossing the bridge. it's already backed up well beyond the toll plaza. it will be about 35 minutes to get from 880 in fremont across the bridge and over to bay front expressway. perhaps you can use the bridge. i'm not going to garren you this is going to save a lie -- guaranty you this is going to save a lot of time. you can't see the heavy traffic behind the toll plaza. it's crawling all the way up to the pay gates. then it picks up on the flat section and looking good across the bridge. but it's about 32 minutes here to get from 880 over to haw 101. so it's not a huge difference. but i'll keep an eye on that problem with the traffic lights that are coming into palo alto. i'll let you know if and with when crews have those fixed. good morning everybody. as you saw from that camera shot she was just showing you over the peninsula the sun coming out a little bit. try to do its performance there. necessity have a dough 54.
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52 downtown san francisco and oakland at 57. so for oakland this is how it shakes down. 66 by 11:00. mild and pleasant on balance. looking healed for your day, still warm by noon and the afternoon still some areas may scratch about 90 degrees. we're going to have that extended forecast for you covering the weekend as well as weekend events i right now back to james and darya. >> thanks a lot. 7:07 on the clock. president obama as we mentioned earlier waking up in the bay area this morning. getting ready to speak at a global entrepreneurship at the stanford university. that will be later this morning. here is video of him coming off air force one when he landed yesterday. >> it's his third trip to the bay area this year. he's greeted by dignitaries, the santa clara board of supervisor president was there as was flan sy pelosi. so yeah, he's going to be talking at stanford. everybody wants to hear more, we want to get a statement about what he wants to say about what
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happened in europe. >> standing by at the university this morning with a preview of what else we can expect. >> reporter: it's going to happen right behind me. you can see secret service not letting us in just yet. but darya you hit it right on the head we do expect president obama to make remarks about what happened in europe before he addresses the global leaders as far as business is concerned. he will -- he will speak at 10:45 this morning. and probably l.a. last about an hour or so. this will be streamed live on facebook. we will carry it for you. he will also meet with facebook founder mark zuckerberg as well as other prominent ceos. not just across the globe but also here in silicon valley including google and yahoo and possibly aol as well. and then he will leave the bay area around 1:35 this afternoon, go to seattle to meet with the governor. so he's going to knock out as much as he can. now this, he wakes up, he has to address what's going on. we do expect for him to do that.
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he has never shied away from the big stories nationally or internationally. so we are all waiting to hear what he has to say. once it starts around 8:00. we'll get reaction from those global leaders, a lot of bright minds, a lost rich people, which is why they're making sure everybody is safe inside. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks. we'll check in with you later, will. traffic is going to be a mess. >> yeah. >> not only we have the presidentening but we also have the annual pride celebration. all colliding this weekend. >> we have kron4 averi harper following that story. she's in the city with more on that. >> reporter: hey. i'm here at the intersection of howard and fourth street where there's some of that activity because the president is staying at the inter continental hotel. you can see there's lots of traffic here because of the closures, there's lots of police presence here. also there is some construction that is going on in this area right now. it's all happening at the same time so you can imagine it can be a headache for drivers who are in this area.
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take a look at some video that we have of the president coming in yesterday. be aware that the streets that you should avoid because of the president's visit are fifth street between mission and folsom and howard street from fourth to fifth street. according to signs in the area, the streets won't reopen until 11:00 in the morning. but the president's visit isn't the only event that's going to impact traffic here in the city this weekend. this weekend is san francisco's annual pride celebration. it comes with a host of street closures that will remain in effect until monday. the very first street closures happen at 9:00 this morning. and those are the streets that are around civic center because there's a celebration there that starts tomorrow at noon. now again you can see here coming back to us live here on howard street there's lots and lots of traffic. we're going to be here to monday ton conditions as things go on this morning and update you then. back to you in the studio. >> i feel like it's a little bit my fault. because i leave europe and the
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eu is a mess right now. i left the bay area and the warriors lost. i was in italy in florence they had their gay pride. so it's my detower. >> you're trying to run around and get the museums. >> vehicles are out for safety. >> and now you come back and san francisco city streets are jammed. >> it's like the news is following me. i'm not sure what's going on. >> i think you're to blame. >> here's the deal. and then we can't even really keep track of the traffic, because they never tell you where the president is going. he leave fof fete field at southbound 30 this afternoon. that's where you see the roll mystery closure. >> i wish there was a way we could see the traffic in the palm of our hands so we could plan our trip home today. >> james, we have something for you. >> it was only a way. >> the kron4 mobile app. it's really all you have to do. >> yeah. >> and the best bet for you at the last minute. you're traveling you pull out the app, you have weather traffic and all this kind of breaking news that affects. download that it's free. >> and we'll finish here quickly before we come back with more news with again a quick reminder
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we're watching wall street where the dow is down about 350 points. we're tracking it again. the ripple events of that big bombshell in britain when they voted to remove themselves from the european union. >> send your letters to darya.
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. and we're back. breaking news overnight. people in parts of the virginia
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and west virginia are being told to find higher ground now as they are expecting some severe flooding. continued severe flooding. a whole lot of water. they've had some serious storms. now the national weather service is reporting that record flooding is headed to the jackson river. that river expected to crest at 23 feet. last time we saw the river that high was back in 1985 and it was devastating for the area. some parts of virginia and west virginia, the water so high it's taken out roads, and this video shows you exactly what they're dealing with. this coming into the newsroom this morning. crews right now are working to make sure people there are safe. and take a look at this video, too, the floodwater so strong in parts of the west virginia, they're actually flipping big rigs over. this is video of one big rig slowly being pushed on its side. several drivers were forced to abandon their cars because the floodwaters were way too deep. also this morning, west virginia officials are searching desperately for a 4-year-old boy who was swept away by high
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water. right now three different fire departments are out there. they have the swift water rescue team trying to look for them. at this point they've found no sign. >> so let's get right to storm tracker, tacking a -- taking a look at the flooding. >> james was talking a lot about virginia. there's more which is colorization there. that means that they could be looking for severe weather on top of flooding. we're talking about severe thunderstorms are a possibility where you see that tan color going on. it covers almost all of the state of now, and also the upstate of south carolina. also extends down to the low country too. so it's going to be rough in this part of the world through the afternoon. it looks like for today, checking back at home. this is the golden gate, i think. and lots of fog. you can see here. even at this late hour, past 7:00. it hasn't mixed out even though technically the onshore flow is starting to weaken a bit. it's some low-level moisture that is trapped and can't mix out real easily. that should happen for us in the later morning hours.
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livermore of 56 at this hour. up in the north bay we did see nef nefo. 52% of rosa. within later heating today. some areas may pop at 90. but generally speaking most inland regions in the 80s. also up to the north bay too. the peninsula kind of chilly today in maybe upper 60s territory to near about 70. 70 covers most of the east bay shoreline for at least today. tomorrow a little bit of warming going on here. it will be a little warmer day tomorrow than today and then sunday a slight cool down. we did talk about this high forever and a day it seems like. and all this red that you see here in this colorization was real hot stuff is, it's been squeezed together now so you can see now. it's not as influence shall as before. it's still plenty of hot. those triple digits are not going anywhere. that's about it. not covering more real estate. it's in the northwest. brought in some of this on shore wind. broke the back of this high, thank you. after that hot tuesday.
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temperatures are moderated ever so slightly a little bit. we're going to pop a little bit on saturday. but then by sunday, again, waiting until monday, tuesday when that high will reassert itself. you'll feel it again. those east bay temperatures will start popping well in the business of the 90s. maybe visit the c note. let's go and check it out out here on the seven day forecast. 93 going on for tomorrow. there's your slight increase. delayed action on sunday, then by monday into tuesday, upper 90s near about 100 before temperatures gradually trail off to the balance of the week. robin, we have fog going on. anything else for the area roads? >> yes, a lot of slow traffic out there. it's not going to be friday-like today. we have a big problem am calling off the dunbar bridge. the traffic lights are out. bay front expressway at university avenue, that caused an accident. and now there's a big back up that stretches all the way across the bridge through the toll plaza. it's spilling over into the city of fremont. so it's going to be right there the first intersection coming off the bridge. there was also a crash that cleared so the vehicles involved in that accident, they're out of
7:19 am
the way. but you'll have to deal with this nasty back up and the driver time just about 40 minutes to get from 880 across the bridge and out to bay front expressway. take 237 or 92. if you're going to take 92 there's a little bit of slow traffic from the southbound anymore et cetera on west 92 right through the toll plaza. look at the drive time. that's much better than 40 minutes compared to the dunbar bridge. so west 92 is your alternate or 237. we have some slow traffic heading into san francisco. but it's not bad. this is friday-like if you look over to the right, you can see it's only backed up in the cash lanes toward the middle of the parking lot on the left it's coming from the 880 crossing over right down the middle. folks have fast track getting through without a delay. that's not a bad right into san francisco. if you come in from the upper east shore freeway i spotted an accident here on westbound 80. it's backing up traffic into richmond and san pablo. so 33 minutes from hercules to the maze.
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that crash blocking two leans. so i'll keep an eye on it. -- blocking two lanes. 7:20 is this the time. firefighters are scrambling if to get the upper hand on several massive wildfires that are burning in southern california. including a new one that has burned down 60 homes so far. this fire started late yesterday afternoon and quickly grew to 12 square miles. that's a new number. over night and 0% containment at this hour. here is the video of the blaze going through a building overnight. that's one of many structures that burned. this is near lake isabella. so now, new number, 100 structures have been destroyed in this fire. and that includes 50 to 60 homes. another 50 to 100 homes are threatened right now as we speak. highway 178 at highway 155 in that area is closed. and they are evacuation that's have been ordered for several communities there. >> and we have good news for people impacted by that fire
7:21 am
that's burning along the california/mexico borders. all orders have been lifted so they're allowed to go home. unfortunately five homes and 11 other structures have been destroyed since this fire broke out since sunday. more than 11 square miles has burned. firefighters made progress overnight. they say the fire is now 45% contained this morning. that's up from the live% containment number they had last night. >> and firefighters have made some more progress finding the complex fires. those are two fires that are burning in the mountains east of los angeles. combined they have purposed more than eight square miles since they started on monday. we just found out this morning, containment is now up to 30%. it was 15% yesterday. firefighters are worried because winds could be picking up. that's not good news. but they're still optimistic they'll have the fire under control within the next few days. >> firefighters in santa barbara haven't fully contained the fire just yet. they were hoping for full containment yesterday. last update they were about 93% contain am. the problem they say what's left
7:22 am
that is still burning is in really steep terrain. they have to rely on helicopters and aircraft to try and drop water on it from above. it doesn't appear to be a major threat right now. there are no homes in its path. the popular state beach was closed because of the fire. but it is expected to reopen tomorrow. and breaking news overnight, two southern claflz sheriff's deputies are recovering after they were shot. the gunman still open the loose. it happened in bellflower which is a suburb of southeast l.a. this is new video from the scene. this just into our newsroom this morning. you can see the active search underway. 40 patrol cars responded to the scene. spots lights illuminating the homes as police are converging around the area. the sheriff's department says the shooting happened just before 11:00 last night. so you were probably in bed by then. the deputies were rushed to the hospital. we've just learned that they are in fair condition and they are expected to survive. so that's a great update this morning. the gunman, though, did get away as we said.
7:23 am
they haven't released a description of the shooter. but obviously police are van razzing the neighborhood. 7:22. big news this morning. an oakland homicide detectives facing discipline for letting his girlfriend file his police report will not face charges. he was placed on leave several weeks after the department's internal affairs started investigating him. he's accused of letting his girlfriend transcribe recorded witness interviews for him. on ten cases. but listen to this, the county d.a. says there's actually no law against letting another person transcribe witness recordings. so no criminal charges. but the prosecutor says gantt will still likely face internal discipline. this comes as the oakland police are dealing with an ongoing sex scandal and a scandal over racist text messages. kron4 was the first to break the news that several officers were accused of having sex with a call girl when she was under age. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, if you want to
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live longer, consider having some toast for breakfast. we'll tell you about a new study with the effects of eating whole grains. after the break, barns and noble is looking to appeal to a wider audience. what are they going to do to try to win you more sales from you? >> and we're still following the effects of the big announcement this morning that the united kingdom is withdrawing from the european union. negative reaction in global markets and here in the u.s. we're no different. 403 down 403 points for the dow. that's almost 2.25%. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back. the time suspend 7:26. the dunbar bridge that is the place to avoid this morning. it's a hotspot because there's a major delay getting across the bay because of an recaller why accident and the traffic lights were out on bay front at university. the accident cleared. it's unclear if the lights are still out. but look at that whopping drive time. 51 minutes to get from 880 in fremont across the bridge and over to bay front expressway. so make sure you leave early or you can avoid it by taking 237. that will get you between 880 and 101. or you can hop over to 92 and use the bridge instead. >> thank you. it's 7:46. new this mornings. barnes & noble is trying something new. books and booze. we'll see if that combination
7:27 am
works. the book seller says it's opening four concept stores in the next year that will feature restaurants withen aexpanded menu. >> that's starbucks. >> they've got the corner -- the coffee thing cornered. but these are the renders of what the new restaurant will look like. it's a little bar area up front. maybe sit down with a beer. >> meet other intellectual people. >> that's the new place to meet that special section. >> i'll be in the magazine section. >> it's going to open up in new york in october. that will be followed three other locations. it will be in folsom up near sacramento. but it comes as barnes & nobles has lower sales. >> people are buying books on amazon seven noticing that. i'm admitting i'm looking at the magazine section. so which shows i don't read and i'm too cheap to actually buy a magazine so i sit there and read there. >> part of a dying breed.
7:28 am
i like going to the bookstore. my kids do too. make it more of an experience. 7:47 right now. if you want to live longer. >> okay. >> consider having whole grain toast for breakfast. or oatmeal that's good too. >> i guess. >> no. no. >> okay. if it will help me live longer. >> let's say you're snacking, you don't want toast, popcorn is a good snack. and quinoa with dinner. they annual lied the benefits of whole grain. so one study said eating three servings a day can risk your risk of diabetes, cancer and respiratory disease. >> i don't want any of that so that's good. i can do the popcorn thing. >> popcorn is good. second study, three servings of whole grains can lower your risk of premature death by almost 20%. three servings of whole grains a day are what the u.s. guidelines suggest. but they say that we don't do it. few americans do that. they don't do it. >> do i still get the health benefits of the popcorn if i use
7:29 am
the movie theater butter. >> don't even call that butter. i can't believe it's not butter. i believe it's -- i don't know what it is. 7:28. back with more weather and traffic. gary's world is coming up too. >> let's take a look at some. temperatures around the region. right now that's the seven day forecast, we have 50s across the board for the most part. 57 in oakland. 56 in hayward, 56 livermore. stay close. the kron4 morning news continues. >> a quick check of the big board. the dow down reacting to the news that the united kingdom, removing itself from the european union. we'll be right back.
7:30 am
. welcome back. taking a look at weather and traffic we'll get to the heat in
7:31 am
a minute and forecast first the traffic. >> i have a hotspot. it's still the dunbar bridge. remember i talked about the accident and traffic lights being out. well that's gone. but the back-up is just awful. look at that drive time. 51 minutes. >> what's the usual for that? >> it's usually about 30 minutes. >> oh, my gosh. almost double. >> right. exactly. so it -- this is your commute, you need to leave early or consider alternate routes or maybe even west 92. once again, there was a crash and a problem with the traffic lights right here. bay front at university is out of the way, but it's backed up all the way through the toll plaza and now to newark boulevard. so tough ride getting across the bridge. the bay bridge, what a nice surprise, friday-like conditions heading into san francisco. just a minor wait, it's a great ride across the upper deck into downtown san francisco. but remember stay away from fourth, fifth, mission and howard. the president is in town. those streets are all blocked off so it's going to cause a big
7:32 am
jam up throughout your morning commute. let's take a look at the weather. >> all right. thank you. here's a live look here for you at the bay bridge activity you were just talking about. look at the low lying clouds a little bit. still dealing with that fog that will clear out for us. our temperatures we're into mid-50s territory for the most part. 57 oakland concord. 56 for livermore. san jose at 59. oakland your break down is lower to middle 70s by 3:00. we'll call it mild and pleasant on balance for the day. as we progress into the day today, it looks like middle 80s will do it. some upper 80s might even scratch 90s many some spots. we're taking a little bit of a breather from the heat. it will come back a little bit more so next week. we'll be talking about that your extended forecast. 7:32 the time and again we're tracking the ripple effects of the big bombshell this morning the breaking news that the european -- that the
7:33 am
united kingdom voted to leave the eu. and that sent ripple he haves around the world. wall street reacting negatively. the dow losing a little more than 2% on the day. >> this is what we're following. the british prime minister in the wake of this decided he was going to resign because he was rushing in the eu since they decided not he's deciding to call it quits. it's not going to be october until he leaves. >> which means one of the world's fifth largest economy will be on its own. it was a narrow vote, too to the margin razz really close. it was like 51% and change to 48% and change. >> the other way. the polling yesterday was -- was they were going to vote to stay. >> to stay. and then everybody waking up to the shocking news this morning that no, no, by just a fraction of a margin, they voted to leave the union and that of course means big ramifications for not only england but for the rest of the europe and really for everywhere around the world too
7:34 am
as the markets are so interconnected. we're going to hear from david cameron and his reaction to the news and his stepping down. >> this is not a decision i've taken lightly. but i do believe it's in the national interest to have a period of stability and then the new leadership required. there is no need for a precise timetable today but in my view we should aim to have a new prime minister in place by the start of the conservative party conference in october. delivering stability will be important. and i will continue and as prime minister with my cabinet for the next three months. >> it's kind of interesting, times like this you realize how different the forms of government are. can you imagine here in the u.s. if a vote didn't go the president's way, he just decided to step down. >> right. like immigration for example. >> right. so now the economic i am packet of all of this. in the span of just a few hours, the british pound we saw it sunk more than 10%, tropping to 30-year lows. the bank of england is right now trying to reassure people that
7:35 am
some economic volatility is expected. but that they're prepared for it. and so nobody should panic. >> and we are hearing reaction this morning from president -- well from president obama, and earlier this morning, we heard live from republican nominee donald trump. because he happens to be in scotland right now. >> ribbon cutting for a new golf course. >> here's the timing so he tweeted out his response as well as holding a big press conference this morning. just arrived in scotland. of the place is going wild. they took their country back just like we will take america back. here's the deal the majority of voters in scott lapped were actually in favor of staying in the eu. they didn't want to leave. but because they're part of the uk they're being forced to exit. now they want to exit the uk. >> ireland too same deal. they're being forced out be -- but they voted they wanted to stay. so you've got that happening now. the u.k. in turmoil as a result. >> a lot is going on.
7:36 am
i mean that's international news. back in the bay area, nascar comes to the bay area this weekend for the annual save mart race. here is the video from last year's race. pay attention to the cars not just the race cars, but the thousands of people who are expected to drive to the event this weekend. so heavy traffic in the north bay. the event starts today and it runs through sunday. practice races start later this afternoon. the qualifying races start tomorrow. and then the actual spring cup series race is noon sunday. so the chp is working the organizers they always try to reduce the traffic around the area but they never do. i got caught it in last year. i'm like the one, person, huh, what is all this? listen to tuesday. really if you don't want to go that that area or plan your -- let's say you're going to sacramento. don't. >> don't use 37. >> it's -- oh. >> yeah. >> 37 you may as well just park your car there. >> basically.
7:37 am
>> they say heavy traffic. you know, today, all afternoon until 7:00 tomorrow. all day they're thinking and obviously sunday is just -- unless you're going there i would avoid it. >> all right. 7:36 the time. one of the other big stories we're following this morning as well is that police have identified the man who was arrested in connection with a deadly hit-and-run in san francisco. he's been identified as 32 year old farook. he's charged with felony hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter. accused of running a red light wednesday night and then hitting and killing 26-year-old katherine slaterly. it happened in the south market neighborhood. he pulled over a few blocks away. that's where good samaritans held him there until police arrived. this was the second deadly hit-and-run accident on wednesday night. police are still trying to find the driver of a stolen car that hit and killed a woman enter golden gate park earlier that evening. and bailey city police are looking for a man who tried to stab a mall employee. take a good look. these are pictures of the attacker. get a good shot of his face.
7:38 am
this happened after 12:30 in the morning on tuesday. police say the man went into the store and was interrupted by an employee when he was trying to shoplift. the man took out a knife, lunged at the employee and then ran off. that employee thankfully was not injured. 7:38. coming up, i've been gone for a little while. can did i miss anything? right. right. gary will get us up to speed on the late nest sports in less than ten minutes. >> bart officials looking to create more housing around two bay area barge stations. we'll explain why some commuters, though, aren't so happy about that. >> plus after the break, going to be a hot weekend, which means it's a good time maybe to go to the movies, get inside, enjoy some of that ac and forget about your worries for a couple of hours. we'll talk about the big one opening. >> i can't wait. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes!
7:39 am
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7:41 am
. welcome back to the kron4 morning news. the time is 7:41. . the dunbar bridge is a hotspot. a problem with the traffic lights at bay front ant university. the activity cleared but look at this awful drive time. it's almost an hour now to cross the bay to get from fremont across the bridge and over into the park. avoid it if you can. if not stick with 237 or highway 92 but stay away from west 84. traffic is at a crawl. james, darya. >> all right. thank you. if you're hoping to beat the heat this weekend, head to the hoffie theater. there are actually a good handful of them coming out. >> it's free air conditioning.
7:42 am
>> absolutely. i happen to like the original independence day. they got the reboot -- not the reboot. but the see equal. >> you want to see independence day again. >> i do. how to you not like jeff. >> big action. big explosions. >> yes. >> sure. >> everybody knows the story. i'm sure by now. al yens -- ail yens coming to earth. >> it's so realistic. i love that stuff. >> absolutely. and what else you got? well if you're in the mood for a thriller, blake lively's new movie is out. she's dealing with the loss of her mother. she goes to the beach to surf. there's a great white shark attack. >> it's basically jaws all over again. it's the new version of person versus shark. we also have the free state of jones which is matthew mcconaughey. that looks pretty good. that opens this weekend as well. >> 7:42 is the time. back with more in just a couple of minutes. we'll talk to gary and have a little more in gary's world as we come back.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
. gary, no matter where i go. i leave a trail of destruction. >> where you been, kid? >> look what happens, i leave the bay area for vacation, the warriors self-destruct. >> yeah. >> i leave europe, right i leave italy and they go to pot. the ue and britt tan. it's just a mess. >> wow, boy you had a trip then. >> i did. i was in italy. >> wow. fun. >> home of the gone dough las. >> my wife is going to be gellious. >> here's the thing. so ins is i left -- so since i left, i'll give you 85 -- 85 euros because now it's worth less. i don't want to change it back. you can take your wife on me. 85. 85. it's not worth as much. >> you haven't tra ever transferred the money back. >> because i'll lose again with what's going on. >> welcome back what a fun trip it sounds like. >> here is the funny thing.
7:46 am
i'm there i'm next to people having dinner and they're from north carolina and the boy's in the family woke up at 3:00 a.m. italy time so they could watch game seven and they're totally heartbroken. because it was the game was on at three in the morning. >> if they're from north carolina, they're probably curry fans. >> totally. so they were just -- they were just bummed. i mean, and when i saw what happened, i was shocked too. i'm like really? >> they have -- the tv coverage is what do they pick up over there? >> these guys had to watch it on the internet. >> okay. >> they watched it at three in the morning. >> there's no television coverage. >> no they watched it on the internet and i saw and they were all bummed. then i missed the big -- so while i'm -- when you leave venice it's like a boat and a train and a plane. it's like all day. so i missed the whole parade. i go back, i look everybody is naked. the cavs were in the streets naked. >> j.r. smith that was kind of the gag, he didn't wear a shirt for like 4 or 5 days. >> he still hasn't put a shirt -- now you can actually
7:47 am
buy a shirt with his at that timed chest and you can look like jared smith. >> are you serious? >> oh i yeah. what do you think? would you like that? >> i guess so. if you're from cleveland that's a big deal. >> yeah, it's a big deal. and oh, apparently it was so exhausting to kill us that lebron says oh i'm too tired for the olympics. >> is that official now? >> it's official. he needs to rest. >> well, curry -- everybody needs to rest, really. >> well, here's the thing though, even though, you know, we got beat and we didn't look good in actuality we still look good on paper, so vegas says warriors to win next year. the odds are better than the cavs. >> yeah, no, no, most certainly. that came out the day after the series. so that was -- you know, you had a bad little run. i'm one of these guys if a guy -- i'm a test of time guy. the warriors six months they were great. >> right. >> i have a hard time getting mad at them because they had a bad couple of weeks.
7:48 am
>> and do you like the new guy? we had 30th pick. >> he's big. >> he's big. okay. >> you can't teach 7'0". >> right. >> so here's the thing with the draft is, you know, everybody will tell you, there's like 2 or 3 guys that you figure, boy, they're there automatically going to get in there and be good. the rest just kind of a crap shoot, you know. >> this -- i saw -- i mean i had any eye on the cal kid. so the celtics pick jaylen brown, a frenchman and a crowation. >> yeah. there were i believe 14 foreign players. so it was hard, you know -- pretty hard to follow. because you haven't seen any of these guys. >> yeah, yeah. >> the kid have cal that will go number three that was terrific. >> so, you know, again like so i'm kind of like jet lagged or whatever i'm looking up all i care about is the fashion. the numbers who is going where, i don't know any of them. but i saw what they were wearing. i mean, the shiny suits and -- i didn't see as much bling as when
7:49 am
i was watching the football draft. >> okay. >> did you? the -- not as much jewelry up here. not as much ear rings this kind of thing. >> that's a good one. in fact, jaylen brown in the red suit. he didn't even have an agent yet. these how these guys end up with the clothes. if the agent gives them the money upfront. >> i see. they'll say hey, here's 50,000. here is 100,000. of course when you sign the contract, then they get it back. >> another thing was by the way, you can't see it here, but no socks. gary, and i know you like to keep up on fashion a little bit. so please when you wear loafs no matter how nice the leathers shoes are, they don't wear socks. >> i kind of do that thing, too. >> do you? your feet are going to get all wet and sweaty and yucky. >> well, not if you're -- maybe when i go the to radio in the morning, there's -- i would say 1 or 2 times out of five no socks. >> really? >> my -- i'm not worried about
7:50 am
fashion. i'm worried about just i'm getting up in the morning and what the heck, let me do it this with a i. >> too much trouble for you? >> not trouble. depends how the night before was. >> and listen, like a real man, do you pair or not pair the socks. i'm just -- you can just -- is it that difficult to roll the socks in a ball or do you keep them in a big mess? tell me the truth. >> you would be surprised. i'm pretty neat. >> you pair them? >> yeah. yeah. i come home at night and all the suits i never lay anything out. it's right on the hanger. >> very nice. >> all right. so now, you know, like you said, you need to do a little something for your wife. now is the time. you're always following the mashts. the good news out of this whole thing and britain layout is the dollar is strong. like i said, i had $2 and i'm going to -- if you want it, it's 85 you're owes, where would you like to go? >> oh man. the more you talk, i'm not joking. she always wants to go to italy. >> italy? >> yeah. >> high on the list.
7:51 am
>> the giants games is on. >> it's always something. all they care about there was soccer. i don't know they were playing somebody, the bars were full. >> do they have -- i'm curious when you're over there. >> yeah. >> do you have like, like a -- united states in awe bunch of games on tv and all that or is it just soccer games. >> it was all about soccer. that was what was on. that's what everybody cared about. >> yeah. >> it was all about the soccer. >> well, u.s.a. soccer did pretty good here. i don't know if you follow that. they made the to sem py finals of this big tournament. >> the sharks went down, warriors -- i leave, i told you i leave everything goes to pot. >> you say self-destruction. >> i will stay here. i'm done, okay? i'm here for you gary. >> i'm one of these guys -- warriors made the to last round. so did the sharks. so while you're claiming destruction, they did -- really good seasons. the giants are on fire now too. >> okay. all right. jimmy not so much. >> welcome back. you sound fired up. >> i am. because this is my friday. and it's my only workday this
7:52 am
week. >> that is strange. i mean you're one of the first people i know that comes back on a friday. >> right. all right. i'll see you next week. >> all right. welcome back. >> bye, gary. >> yeah. i found a thai place. oh, good read a review. there's no review it's just a phone number. how am i supposed to eat there
7:53 am
if i don't know what other people think about it? get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet. what? have them start at the beginning. they're not answering. oh, come on! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. . 7:54 is the time. crews say they stopped a large
7:55 am
oil spill in ventura county from reaching the beach. so this started coming out of a pipeline yesterday morning. flowed toward the water. everybody wars scared at first. they thought it might have been like 200,000 gallons. but it turns out it was about 700 bears which is closer to 30,000 gallons in size. so it's still big, but just not as cat troughically big. a representative of the company that operates the pipeline says the leak happened near a valve and crews were actually in that area changing out those valves on wednesday. they're looking to see if this is one of those valves that had already been changed or not been changed yet. 7:55. and bay area news, bart is moving forward with plans to develop the areas around two stations. the board of directors has approved an agreement with a development group at the west oakland station and also in the area of the mill bray station. in west oakland the developer plans to build housing, offices and retail space in the parking lot around the station. some people are upset about that because they say the lots are
7:56 am
full, now it's going to shrink. and if you like biking to a bart station, turns out a lot more people are going it right along with you. in fact, a new report says more people are riding their bikes to bart than ever before. the board of directors said 6.4% of riders use a bicycle to get to and from stations. they did that last year. that's up from the 4.5 that they recorded back inner 2012. and they say in the next six years, bart is expecting anywhere from -- from the current level all the way up to the .10 of their riders to get to work. that's why the fleet debuting this year have a lot more capacity with them with the bike racks and everything else if you want to bike to work. or at least bike to the bart station. just ahead on the morning news at 8:00, we are continuing to watch the markets this morning as stocks around the world are 31thing after britain voted to leave the union. we'll track the nukz here in the u.s. and see what the impacts are for you. president obama is the bay
7:57 am
area this morning. we're life as he gets ready to speak at stanford university later on today. plus, great -- get ready for major traffic delays this morning. it's pride weekend. up to a million people are expected in the city. we'll have a live report on the details you need to get around to get around -- you need to know to get around.
7:58 am
7:59 am
. we're taking a live look at the big board with the cow off 403 points at the hour. down 2.25%. as britain votes to leave the eu and we're feeling the effects here in the u.s.a. >> shock waves here and
8:00 am
overseas. good morning. >> i'm james fletcher. again that breaking news coming out great britain early this morning. voters dieding they want to leave the union. the vote set the world markets plunging this morning. >> when you went to bed last night, the polls said they were going to stay in. they instead decided to leave the union and british prime minister david cameron decided to step down because of this as well. he's the one who was pushing to remain in the eu. >> so the u.s. is reacting as well. cautiously to the news. president obama we heard from him earlier this morning. we've also heard from the candidates as well. the white house saying they are of course still allied with great britain. nothing has changed there. scott mcclain joining us from washington, d.c.
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this is the bay area's news station, kron4 news starts now with breaking news the breaking news affecting markets worldwide, you're looking live at the new york stock exchange. stocks down at 17,055.
9:00 am
i am darius olson and a big shocker waking up this morning to find out that the united kingdom decided to leave the european union, sending markets around the world plunging and david cameron packing his bags and leaving since he was behind wanting to stay in the eu. now he says he will resign before october. the us is reacting cautiously. obama waking up in the bay area has been briefed and will speak with david cameron over the next day. he previously encouraged written to remain in the eo. let's go live to scott mcqueen for the latest.>> reporter: britain says it would better help the country control its borders and finances. today, world markets are reacting dramatically. the financial markets in the us are open for business. with the sudden shock of
9:01 am
britain's exit from the european union, business is not good. the decision has plunged markets into uncertainty. it must now established new trade links with the world. the uk and the eu remain indispensable partners and say the people -- obama says the uk has spoken and we respect their decision. hillary clinton released a similar statement.>> let june 23 go down in history. independence day.>> reporter: donald trump who happen to be in scotland, says he sees parallels between britain's move and was happening in the us. >> people want to take the country back. they want to have independence,
9:02 am
and a sense. you see all over europe.>> reporter: david cameron, who fought hard to keep his country in the eu, says he will step down by october.'s successor will start down the long road out of the eu with questions ahead. to complicate things further, today's scottish first minister said she would like to see a new referendum on scottish independence saying that when scotland voted to narrowly remain a part of the uk it was on the understanding that britain will stay with the eu -- eu. i'm scott mclean. we want to get a look at the weather. a lot more stable than the markets this morning. nothing is diving horse to worry -- diving or store -- diving or soaring.>> we are in the 50s still. 61 already at hayward.
9:03 am
livermore at 63. concord racing at 67. in the peninsula, 50s. half-moon bay and 54. 71 by 1:00, we are 74 at three. we're pretty much covered this afternoon. patchy coastal bay fog is still with us. still warm at noon. this afternoon we're talking about if you 90s further inland. you folks may see scratching 90. most locations will probably see numbers in the 80s. robin is standing by with traffic. hopefully it is improving. >> not so much for 92. it is heavier than normal because it was being used as an alternate when things were bad on the dumbarton bridge. it is packed all the way to the high-rise portion. traffic is creeping along.
9:04 am
i suggest çleaving early if yo need to use it. it will not be a good ride heading to the peninsula. it's being used as an alternate because of the earlier problem with the dumbarton. the traffic lights at university were out. the dumbarton bridge is getting better. san mateo still very slow. a motorcycle accident here, the writer is down and injured in the center divide. minor delays getting through the drive time. the time now is 9:04. the president is in the bay area and he is getting ready to speak at the global entrepreneurship summit at çç stanford university. will tran is there and we were there yesterday as the president landed. there he is stepping off the field. it is his third visit to the bay area. he was greeted by several dignitaries, also the santa
9:05 am
clara board of supervisors prison. let's go to will tran.>> reporter: all presidents know what is going on nationally and internationally. local television is here but also network cameras are right behind me. he will address what's going on with the uk more than likely. can see so many people in attendance ready to go. they are walking around right now talking to other business leaders. once it starts, everybody is locked down. we know the president will speak at 10:45. it will be about 45 minutes. when he is done he will sit with the panel. once that's done he will have individual meetings with ceos including founder of facebook
9:06 am
mark zuckerberg. it will be a very quick appearance. you talked about this being the third one in the bay area. he will try to cram a lot into a short window. not only is he here, he probably will try to raise money on the way out for the democratic party as he takes off at 1:35 to seattle. there are many business leaders here from silicon valley as well as across the globe. we are party seen a video from president obama praising people with new and fresh ideas.>> we will stand by and check back in with him throughout the next hour. a lot going on this morning, traffic is going to be a mess. add to that a little nascar, and there is your recipe. avery harper is taking a look at how you should get around.
9:07 am
>> reporter: here at this intersection there were lots of delays because there are still tree closures here. we are seeing less officers then we did this morning. it's unclear the motorcade has left already, but the delays it has caused are still going on. take a look at the video. this is what it looked like a little bit earlier. there were officers all over the place, an effort to secure the area for the president. the area you should avoid driving in the city is fifth street between mission in folsom and howard street from for the fifth. the streets will not open until 11 clock in the morning. i was able to talk to people commuting through the area. this is what they had to say about the president being here.>> he is the president. you have to protect him.
9:08 am
there is no problem with that. i understand. >> i saw him fly in the other day.>> is nothing new. i have seen this before. i take bar, i am good.>> reporter: the president says it is it the only event impacting traffic here in the city at the annual pride celebration. that comes with the hosts of street closings made -- in effect until monday the parade is on sunday along market street. streets around civic center close this morning, about 9:00 this morning they closed. they will be followed by another round of closures tonight and the next will happened saturday night. coming back out to us live here in san francisco, you can still see their our lou the -- there
9:09 am
is lots of traffic starting to pick up, moving very slowly out here. lots of police. there are not expecting to reopen until 11:00. if you're planning to drive in the city, it is best to avoid this area. >> what is with my luck? my mother moves from florida to arrive at -- to a retirement home in san francisco. i have to visit her. sorry, mom, gay pride, i can't. she can check the mobile app. the best you can do is look at timing. the president leaves, we know, moffett field at 1:30. you know the route from stanford to the airfield, there will be some road closures in the afternoon. there çis çóthe pride celebrat and the effective nascar traffic. it's a great time to have the kron4 mobile app. sorry, mom. coming up, in
9:10 am
the east bay, some crime and looking how residents are protecting themselves against it. plus a firefighter saves a woman's life while he is on vacation. we will tell you what happened next. a live look at the bay bridge. that's easy ride this morning. a consolation on friday morning. we will be right back.
9:11 am
of alejo firefighters save a woman's life on vacation in hawaii. he is back from the trip and sharing his story. philippe sudol explains what happens. >> it feels good to help and no people will be better.>> reporter: days after helping save an elderly woman's life in
9:12 am
her right, a veteran of the vallejo fire department ramon villanueva recounts what could have been an overwhelming situation if not for his training and experience.>> we were on our way to the beach, just like a regular day in hawaii.>> reporter: here is a photo of ramon and his wife and two boys on oahu. the family was vacationing at the marriott vacation club when ramon notice the woman laying face down. >> another guy was bringing her in. i handed çmy kid to my wife an assisted. >> reporter: ramon says the woman was already in bad shape.>> i checked for her pulse. she did have a olson was breathing irregularly. i'm having a hard time. she was blue in the face. >> reporter: two other people helped out but he was the most qualified in cpr. once in the sand, ramon says he tilted the woman onto her side so she could spit out some of
9:13 am
the water in her lungs before she was rushed to the hospital. >> it's good to help people out and know they will be better after you leave their side.>> reporter: the woman survived. shortly later, her daughter sent ramona handwritten letter thanking him.>> words cannot express my gratitude for what you did yesterday. if not for you i would not have a mother today. thank you for noticing that something was wrong and taking immediate action. trudy. it brings a smile to your face. especially knowing the outcome, that she is going to get out of the hospital.>> reporter: ramon says he wouldn't have changed a thing and he is thankful the woman made it out alive. philippe chagall, kron4. let's do a quick market update. you can see the dow is down 512 points on news that great
9:14 am
britain has decided to leave the european union will -- european union. we will be right back.
9:15 am
9:16 am
finally traffic is thinning out. it's looking get it at the toll plaza. if you need to get in the san francisco, everybody is pretty much out of the way. coming from the eastbay to the north bay, a live look at the richmond bridge, a backup in the cash lanes only. nothing going on on the bridge. it will be a good right across, less than 15 minutes from the tolls to 101. a little bit heavier than normal here on the san mateo bridge because of the earlier problems on the dumbarton bridge. it was being used as an alternate. now everyone is stuck in the backup. it's less than 30 minutes, but that's why it's slow on a friday morning. i will head over to the dumbarton bridge and show you the drivetime is improving. only 26 minutes to get from 880 to 101.
9:17 am
there was a problem with traffic lights at bayfront and university. that is fixed and traffic is improving. racked up on your alternate 92. also, if you're traveling through the south bay, a bit of heavy traffic north 280 approaching 85 in cupertino. a crash still wrapping up. it is continuing on north 85, it will be stop and go from 280 heading up to 237. >> thank you, robin. let's go ahead and jump back at the bay bridge. besides the traffic flowing : clear skies and the lifting of the fog was nice to see. that's helping our temperatures. we're getting up to 59 in oakland. 67 pircon chord with livermore at 63. some 50s hugging the peninsula, that will be the case indicating the onshore flow. this was progress from yesterday. the fog writ lifting off. as we go forward through the period, here it is overnight.
9:18 am
mixing out but still hovering, you can see parts along the coast and some of the valleys on the peninsula to start the day. let's go to the eastbay now for high temperatures. we will go with 76 for oakland and hayward. livermore and 89. walnut creek about 87, pleasanton at 87. some readings to the east will see some 90s this afternoon. slightly warmer tomorrow because we are waiting a little bit with this trough to the north that provided onshore flow. it will not be as much of a big player tomorrow. add a couple more degrees. you can see in the southwest hot stuff with triple digits for phoenix headed to las vegas. our local view you can see the warm-up happening in central valley. not as progressive to much of the eastbay. there comes a cooling trend at night for good sleeping weather at night. on our planning forecast, here's how it comes out, slightly warm as we talk about
9:19 am
for tomorrow. really a more earnest warm-up that is short-lived monday into tuesday. we may see some areas reach 100 are better. a new twist to the oakland the police -- police department scandal that we first broke year. the city of oakland has hired a private investigator to figure out who has been leaking information to the media. >> reporter: another investigation has been launched in connection to recent scandals nopd. there is the sex scandal, police misconduct, and ongoing sick or -- separate investigations. now oakland city administrator sabrina landreth is launching an investigation into finding out who is leaking information to the media about these investigations.>> i got the investigator investigating the
9:20 am
investigator. >> we need to give people a better way to share information like an oversight commission. >> reporter: noel gile and rebecca kaplan both take issue with the city administrator going after whistleblowers who alerted the media about these scandals. io says looking for whistleblowers is a bad idea for the citizens of oakland. >> it sends a wrong message. that is the problem you have on the streets. people do not want to come forward when they see a criminal activity occurring. not only the repercussion from the thug on the street now from the police department that doesn't show up and they may be a repercussion at that level.>> the council has burned learning about these issues from the media rather than from the administration.>> reporter: if there is a cover-up of officers having sex with an underage girl, rebecca like -- rebecca
9:21 am
kaplan asks why would the administration punish the people who blew the whistle? >> reporter: if they are punish more than the people who knew about sexual misconduct and let it go on without saying anything, that would be a problem.>> reporter: what does the 18-year-old call girl think about this? asked her today and she wrote, simply, i think it is stupid.>> reporter: sabrina landreth doesn't think so. the administrator says her intention is to root out this kondek paperback cover-up, not silent critics or whistleblowers. some city leaders here think there's a better way of going about doing that. haaziq madyun, kron4. terisa estacio reports that some residents were hit.>> reporter: a thief was going into homes grabbing suitcases and damning
9:22 am
them with personal items like çó jewelry, cash, and guns.>> residents saw him entering their home in the process of burglarizing the home and taking property.>> reporter: in moraga, reports of the use in the garage -- a garage in going on an illegal shopping spree.>> between tuesday afternoon and wednesday afternoon, we had four residential burglaries in moraga.>> reporter: lafayette was hit as well. >> two residences in lorenz the. >> reporter: one person has been taken into custody, patrick devine of oakland. >> as we arrived, he was seen walking across the street carrying a gun. this could've gone another way. fortunately, he complied with the officers orders at the scene and we took him into custody.
9:23 am
>> when we leave our homes we need to lock the doors and windows. we highly recommend alarm systems. when you leave your house, set the alarm.>> reporter: with so many burglaries, not only are police concern but residents as well.>> it's disappointing. i know it happens. it's just a fact of where we live.>> reporter: although all the cases seem to involve different suspects, the message is clear. beware, be careful, and call them with something suspicious. to recess osseo. lots more ahead on the kron4 morning news. let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge. a lot of sunshine and throw in some hot spots. that's friday morning for you. details in a few minutes.
9:24 am
9:25 am
hundreds of san jose residents have to find a new
9:26 am
place to live after an effort to save their apartment complex failed. charles clifford visited the complex and spoke with the residents who say they are disappointed. >> i like living here. >> reporter: espinoza is one of more than 600 people who live here along s. winchester blvd. she along with her mother and special needs sister moved in last fall. danica says no one told them the complex might eventually be demolished. the only found out when danica saw this public notice side along winchester. >> at first it was a shock. i only was living here for two weeks.>> what was a possibility has become a reality. the owners of the property have won approval to demolish the 216 rent-controlled apartment and replace them with 640 market rate apartments along with 8000 ft.2 of retail space. everyone here including danica and her family will have to move.>> in april 2017.
9:27 am
>> reporter: tuesday evening, the san jose city council considered an appeal by a group of reserve residents to stop the demolition. the issue was debated with some councilmembers saying the project would add badly needing housing to san jose. >> if we don't understanding the business of housing we will never be able to succeed at achieving our goals of making housing affordable. >> reporter: other councilmembers argued that approving the project would force hundreds of people out of their homes and into a highly competitive housing market.>> let's take a pause, figure out what the needs are of the residents and try to mitigate them. >> reporter: the council denied the appeal. the owners are offering financial help to a handful of residents who qualify. danica makes too much money. she is also not sure where they will move next. err prices keep going up. it's not going to be affordable.>> reporter: charles clifford, kron4 news. still
9:28 am
ahead, we're going to look at the global impact of britain spoke to leave the european union. we're going to hear from donald trump. he happen to be in scotland at this landmark vote as it was cast -- as it was cast and we have his reaction.
9:29 am
9:30 am
dave is giving me the personal forecast that i like to get during the commercials.>> the fog is finally making an exit.>> it is the fog exit.>> reporter: that is a good correction there.>> get it right, day. 59 in oakland. in concord, 67. what's the hurry? 63 for livermore, san jose coming in at 64.
9:31 am
here's a breakdown, oakland, mild and pleasant, middle 70s. we saw a little onshore flow left over for today. it will we can a little bit tomorrow it looks like, but for the parade sunday it will return, highs in the lower 60s. some early morning fog again but mostly sunny and the cool breezes with that. a pretty good day for parade. next hour as we go out 82 by 1:00, 5:00, 84. some of the inland valleys, you will see those numbers pounds to near 90. the east bay, lower 70s. let's check in the traffic. hopefully things are çclearing up. i found a new trouble spot. 92 right before the toll plaza. this accident just popped up. a motorcyclist went down and is injured. traffic is very slow because of the earlier problems on the dumbarton bridge. 27 minutes to get across the
9:32 am
bridge now to highway 101. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see after the scene of the accident before the toll process -- toll plaza it is creeping along. it will be a slow ride to the peninsula. for those of you who knew -- we need to get over to the san mateo bridge, don't forget about the closures. mission couples him, those are the places to avoid because of the president's visit. stick with harrison or third or six street. 9:32 right now, let's take a look at the markets. breaking news this morning as america and the rest of the world heard that britain has decided to exit the european union. that sent everyone into a tizzy. the dow is down 485 points. this has boaters and great britain surprised.
9:33 am
the predictions yesterday were that they were going to stay in the eu -- tu. but the vote was that they were leaving. they surprise their own prime minister who decided to go, so he is stepping down. he said he would be gone by october because he doesn't feel that he is in line with what the voters want.>> this is not a decision i have taken lightly. i do believe it's in the national interest to have a period of stability and then the new leadership required. there is no need for a precise timetable today, but in my view, we should aim to have a new prime minister in place by the start of the conservative party conference in october. delivering stability will be important and i will continue for the next three months.>> let's talk about the economic impact.
9:34 am
in the span of a few hours, the british pound when down more than 10% against the us dollar. that's the lowest level for the pounded more than 30 years. bank of england is trying to reassure people that some economic volatility is expected, but they are prepared . again, because the pound and the euro are weaker now this morning, that means the dollar is stronger. may be a good time to travel. donald trump happens to be traveling, he is in scotland. he tweeted out this response to the vote this morning saying just arrived in scotland, the places going wild with the vote. they took their country back just like we will take america. the majority of voters in scotland wanted to stay in the eeo. now scotland is talking about may be leaving the uk. police have identified the man who was arrested in connection with the deadly hit and run in san francisco. farouq mushtaq is charged with
9:35 am
selling hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter. is accused of running a red light and hitting and killing catherine's latterly. this happened in the south market neighborhood. he pulled over a few blocks away and was held at the scene by some good samaritans until the police got there. this was the second deadly it and run accident wednesday night. police are trying to find the driver of the stolen car that struck and killed a woman in golden gate park earlier wednesday evening. daly city police are looking for a man who tried to stab a mall employee. your are the surveillance pictures. this was about 12:30 tuesday at the westlake shopping center. the man went into a store and an employee there talked to him because he thought he was shoplifting. the man took out a knife and lunged at the employee, then he took off. the employee was not hurt the man got away. house and senate democrats say their battle for gun control measures is not over even though their city and has come to an end.
9:36 am
an initiative to tighten gun control laws in california is moving forward this morning. gavin newsom's proposal is going to be on the november ballot. gunowners would be required to turn in magazines with a capacity of 11 or more rounds. it's called the safety for all bill. it would also streamline a program that allows of police -- police to seize firearms who bought them legally but are no longer allowed to own them.>> it's ironic an interesting to me that we talk about background checks but not background checks on ammunition. the vast majority of the homicides and murders around the bay area are committed with people that don't register their guns. they have them illegally. they are legally purchasing ammunition. this allows us the opportunity to capture those folks when purchasing the ammunition if they have felonies or they are
9:37 am
dangerous. newsome is running for governor in 2018 and has made gun control a centerpiece of his campaign. the time now is 9:38 -- 9:36. beaches are open after a two- year-old boy was attacked and killed by an alligator near the grand floridian resort. the boy's name is lane grace. he was snatched waiting in a foot of water and later found dead. officials believe they have already captured and killed the gator responsible for the attack. disney has posted new signs warning guests about alligators and there are also new barriers in place. bark is moving forward with plans to develop the areas around two stations. the board of directors approving an agreement with the development group at the west oakland station and the area at the millbrae station as well. the west oakland developer plans to build retail space in the parking lot surrounding the
9:38 am
station. in bilberry, the planets for housing. people complain there is already not enough parking spots. they frequently fill up and now the parking would shrink. efforts to encourage bike -- biking to bark are paying off. more people are writing their bikes to bark than ever before. 6.4% of writers used a bike to get to or from bart stations last year and that is up from 4.5% in 2012. in the next six years, bart expects a 10th of its writers will be using a bike to get to the station's. parts new fleet of the future cars will accommodate the increased by adding bike racks. the new cars will go into service later this year. coming up, we're going to talk sports with gary and a little bit about my vacation. that's coming up in 10 minutes.
9:39 am
after the break, it's good to be back. it will be hot this weekend, maybe you want to escape the heat. i will tell you what is being offered at the movies this weekend. a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see a truck pulled over there in the lane as well as the other lanes that are moving pretty well. we all tell you about any roadblocks that you need to know about and dave has a full look at your forecast.
9:40 am
9:41 am
if you think you're paying too much for cable tv, you probably are. two -- 2news senate reports say satellite companies are overcharging companies. they call out time warner cable and charter communications. estimate time warner is over charging its customers to million dollars this year. charter is overcharging by more than $400,000 per month. both companies say they are working to address this
9:42 am
issue. a lot of unexpected things happening on your wedding day. this might take the cake. this bride and groom are taking their first wedding photos in a field in chicago when a rattlesnake jumped up and bit the groom on his ankle and the wedding photographer captured the whole thing. doctors at the emergency room determined the snake did not injected he benemann the couple made it to the rest -- made it to the reception. if you're hoping to beat the heat, there are four new movies hitting the theaters. it is been 20 years since the original independence day. 20 years? haven't you just been dying for a sequel? now it is here with jeff goldblum and bill pullman returning for the new film. there is that one, what else do we have? what else do we have?
9:43 am
-- blake lively's movie is called the shallows. she plays a mom, she goes to the beach and suddenly a great white shark attacks forces her to swim. she is stranded alone. i don't know if you have a basketball named wilson to keep are company. matthew mcconaughey returns to the big screen, his movie is called free state of jones and he plays a mississippi farmer in 1863. it's based on a true story. he works as a medic for the confederate army and his nephew ends up dying in a battle. he returns home to protect his family but his branded at outlaw. you can check out one of those films this weekend. there is one him more and this is called the neon demon. elle fanning plays a 16-year- old who becomes a model and an agent tells her she could be a star but she learns the competition will do anything so i guess she has to do anything
9:44 am
to back. not even to cool off. back in a few minutes. let's take a peek back outside. a beautiful shine. we have full sunshine. we will be right back.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
in case you missed it live at 7:45 we have the gary's world relate.>> time for the world according to gary sponsored by hershey's. >> no matter where i go i leave a trail of destruction.>> where you been : it?>> i leave the bay area for vacation, the warriors self-destruct. i leave europe, italy, and they go to pot, the eu and britain. it's just a mess. i was in italy.>> fun. >> home of the gondolas.>> my wife is going to be jealous. she will be on my back.>> i
9:48 am
don't want to change the money, i will give you ,85. now it's worthless. you can take your wife on me.>> you haven't transfer the money back?>> i will lose again with what's going on.>> welcome back. what a fun trip.>> so i am there next to people having dinner and they are from north carolina and the boys woke up at 3 am italy time to watch game seven and they are totally heartbroken. the game was on at three in the morning.>> if there from north carolina, they are probably curry fans. >> they were just bombed. when i saw what happened, i was shocked, too.>> tv coverage, what do they pick up over there? >> these guys had to watch it on the internet.>> no television coverage.>> no, they
9:49 am
watched on the internet. then i missed the big calves. when you leave that is like a boat in a train and plane. all day. i missed the whole parade. i go back, everybody is naked. the fans are in the streets naked.>> jr smith, that was the gag. you can wear a shirt for for five days.>> now you can buy a shirt with his tatted chest and look like jared smith.>> are you serious?>> what do you think? do you like that? >> i guess so. from cleveland, that's a big deal.>> apparently it was so exhausting to kill us. lebron says i am too tired for the olympics. i like that.>> it's official? >> he needs to rest.>> everybody needs to rest.>> here is the thing. even though we got beat and we didn't look good in actuality, we still look good on paper.
9:50 am
vegas says warriors to win next year. the odds a better than the calves.>> that came out the day after the series. you had a bad little run. i'm one of these guys, i am a test of time guy. the warriors were great. i have a hard time getting mad at them because they had a bad couple of weeks. >> do you like the new guy?>> he is big. you can't teach 7 feet. here is the thing with the draft. everybody will tell you there is like to know more three guys that you figure they are automatically going to get in there and be good. the rest is kind of a crapshoot.>> i had my eye on the cow kid and so the celtics pick jaylen brown, a frenchman, and a croatian.>> they were
9:51 am
having trouble, it was hard to follow. you haven't seen any of these guys. >> again, i am kind of light jet lag and i am looking up at all i care about is the passion. the numbers, who is going where, i don't know any of them. i saw what they were wearing. the shiny suits, i didn't see as much bling is when i was watching the football draft. not as much jewelry appear and stuff, not as much earrings. >> that's a good one. jaylen brown in the red suit? he doesn't even have an agent yet. that's how these guys end up with the close, the agent gives them the money up front. then when you sign the contract they get it back. >> you can't see it here, but no socks. i know you like to keep up on fashion a little bit, so when
9:52 am
you wear loafers no matter how nice the leather shoes are : men apparently don't wear socks anymore. >> i kind of do that too mac. >> your feet are going to get all sweaty and yucky.>> when i go to the radio in the morning, there is one or two times out of five no socks. i am not worried about fashion, i am worried about getting up the morning, what the heck. let's do it this way. it depends how the night before was.>> do you pay a or not pair the socks? is it that difficult to roll the socks and pair them? or do you keep them in a big mess? tell me the truth.>> you would be surprised. i am pretty neat. with my clothes -- clothes, all the suits guy never leave anything out. is right on the hanger.>> so like you said, you need to do
9:53 am
something for your wife. now is the time. the good news out of this whole eu thing is the dollar is strong. if you want it, it's ,85. where would you like to go?>> the more you talk, i am not joking. elysha always wants to go to italy. i say, you can't, the giants game is on. >> it's always something.>> when you are over there, do they have the united states and a bunch of games on tv?>> it was all about soccer. that was what was on. that's what or medicaid about.>> usa soccer did pretty good. i don't know if you follow that. they made it to the semifinals of this big tournament. >> the sharks went down. i told you, i leave, everything goes to pot. >> self-destruction.>> i will stay here. i am done.
9:54 am
>> i am one of these guys, the warriors made it to the last round, so did the sharks. while you are claiming destruction, they both had really good seasons and the giants are on fire now too.>> timmy not so much.>> welcome back. you sound fired up.>> this is my friday. it is my only work day this week.>> you are the only person i know the comes back to work on friday.>> i will see you next week.
9:55 am
9:56 am
they say you will put an eye out unless you use a nerf gun. this look dangerous to me. mark rover lives in the bay area. he used to work on the mars rover project and he created this freakishly giant toy to survive the nerf wars at his
9:57 am
own office. he can out than anybody would this thing. it is powered by compressed air canister. it fires huge starts made out of foam, pool noodles, and toilet plungers. somebody will lose an eye. the darts are fired at 40 miles an hour. i give up. don't get in a war with him. let's look at the seven-day. it's friday and we all get to enjoy a nice, sunny, warm weekend. check out the temperatures. by next workweek we are pushing 100 degrees inland. we are also looking at the dow as a keeps plunging. it is down 523 points right now on the overnight news that the uk voted to you leave the european union. that will continue to develop all day. stay tuned for our later newscast. stay connected with our mobile
9:58 am
app., facebook, and twitter. we will see you later.
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